Vue Smart Glasses

Vue Smart Glasses

Google Glass was introduced several years ago, and these devices have not been widely adopted. Two reasons are that the glasses are bulky, and they have a recording device attached which seems to be intrusive for many people. Vue Smart Glasses do not have a recording device attached so that fear can be allayed. Also, the glasses look stylish so they may be mistaken for regular glasses. The Vue Smart glasses come in plain, prescription and sunglass options.

One interesting thing the glasses provide is something they term “bone conduction audio technology.” So instead of having in earbuds in your ears to listen to music or carry on a conversation, the glasses send the audio to your inner ear through vibration without involving your outer ear. You can do everything you normally would with earbuds in your ear without the distraction of having them there thus freeing up your ears to hear other sounds that are important.

Vue Smart Glasses uses a battery that charges when the glasses are inserted into a special case. According to the manufacturer, the glasses can hold a charge for up to a week. Unusual use will shorten the length between charges though.

Vue Smart Glasses can be programmed to work with mobile phones, and certain apps. Since there are no buttons to push (tap on the frame for actions) it is a smooth process. The glasses also come with the technology that will help a person find them if they are misplaced through using the Vue App (available for both Android and Apple devices)

Prices for these glasses are $249 each and expected delivery dates begin in July 2019. Do not be surprised if to see people rapidly adopting these stylish and innovative glasses when they are available.