Trailer Towing Technology


This month we have been thinking about football and tailgating. For some people pulling a trailer to use for tailgating is perfect. The trailer can have everything you need set up and ready to go so all you must do is open it up. For other people there is an interest in camping, boating, or the need to pull a trailer with things on it (such as ATV’s and lawnmowers). Whenever towing is involved, it can be a little complicated if you rarely pull something behind your vehicle. Thanks to newer technologies towing can be easier. Both Ford and General Motors are producing trucks with enhanced towing capabilities.

For Ford, the towing package has been out for a while, but if you have not bought one of their trucks lately you may not realize the benefit of their technology. Once a trailer is connected and you input the measurements into the vehicle’s system, then you can use a knob on the dash to help you back up the trailer instead of using the steering wheel. If you rarely back a trailer you will quickly realize the benefit of this technology. Another technology they offer that helps with certain trailers is a blind spot detector. It will help you realize if a vehicle is in an adjacent travel lane to help you avoid a collision if you are changing lanes.

General Motors is also offering a trailer assist package on its GMC and Chevrolet trucks. This package will provide help with lining up the ball with the hitch on the trailer using cameras and other technology. If you have ever tried to get the ball and hitch to line up you know it can take several rounds of trial and error to get it right. GM’s package also offers several other features similar to what Ford is offering.

If you are a Dodge, or other brand of truck fan then you will need to wait for their respective brands of technology to be included in their trucks. If it is time for a new truck these towing packages can make your life easier and safer.