Robotic Lawn Mower

Robot Lawn Mower

Did you ever think you would see that title in an article in your lifetime? Sure you may have been robotic in mowing your lawn, but to think there may be a real robotic lawn mower seems to be fantasy. However, robotic lawn mowers are actually real and in use today. How do they look and work? Think about a Roomba® vacuum cleaner for your lawn. One way they work is by using something similar to the underground pet fence that has been available for many years. Can you imagine relaxing on your patio, beverage in hand, watching the mower do the work for you (not your teenager, but an actual piece of equipment doing the work)? It is possible now depending on variables such as the size and terrain of your lawn.

What about obstacles such as trees and shrubs? The robotic mower can cut around the obstacles based on several factors. During the installation process of the in-ground wire system the obstacles will be mapped out. Also, not all robotic mowers must be watched either. Some robotic mowers can be controlled via a smart phone app. So if you are ready to take the next step to enjoy your lawn rather than always mowing it yourself then it may be time to research and invest into your own robotic lawn mower.