New Technologies for Cashless Payments

Credit Card

The way things are paid for in 2019 will continue to change. New options will allow more people to bypass using cash, pin numbers and signing screens. Already most people are comfortable paying with debit cards or credit cards. Next year biometric payment options will become more widespread. Mastercard is providing a biometric card that will store the owners thumbprint characteristics on the card. When the card is used the owner’s thumb will be scanned by the card at the time of payment to verify a match with the stored thumbprint characteristics on the card. The transaction will complete when the match is verified. Some technologies are going beyond the actual thumbprint and are mapping veins in the thumb. The thumb veins are even more individualistic than a thumbprint alone.


Other options are already prevalent using Near Field Communications. With this method items such as phones can be used to pay for transactions. The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival provides attendees an RFID enabled wristband for entry. Attendees can add their credit card information to the wristband and then use the wristband to pay most vendors for food, drink and merchandise. As the Internet of Things becomes more prevalent items such as connected appliances and Alexa may be used to pay for items. It is interesting to think that in the future Nest may pay power bills and the refrigerator may order and pay for groceries.