Luggage Robot and Call Blocking By Android

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Have you ever been to the airport and lugged around a heavy carry-on bag you wished you would have packed lighter? If so, there may be hope for your future flights. Royal Dutch Airlines has built a robot that will carry your luggage (up to 85 pounds) and travel with you from the security gate to your boarding gate. The robot is named Care-E, and it will scan your boarding pass, hold your carry-on, navigate around obstacles and go with you to your departure gate. U.S. testing of the robot will begin this year in the San Francisco International Airport and JFK Airport. If the trial works you could see one at a security gate near you the next time you fly.

Do you hate getting the irritating solicitation calls on your mobile phone when you are in the middle of doing something important? Often the automated call alerts you instantly that it is an unwanted intrusion, and someone is trying to sell you something, or get information you should not share. What a waste of time it is to receive these calls. Recently Google added a new feature to their android phone settings that filters suspected spam calls. Once enabled (can be activated under the phone caller ID settings), this feature routes any suspected robotic calls direct to voice mail, and the phone will not ring. This option is a good feature for those who dislike junk phone call interruptions during their day.