In an Instant Google Instant is History


The phrase “Google it” when searching for information is virtually universal. For the last few years when performing a search using Google on a computer a list of possible matches would show up in the search results on the screen. This feature allowed the user to click on the link to the information they were looking for and get directed to the corresponding website. As of this week Google has announced that it will retire this feature. Why you may ask? Google Instant was developed for computers. As the number of smart phone users have increased, the number of searches using Google on these mobile devices has skyrocketed.

So instead of redeveloping the tool for mobile use the company has decided to end the option completely. How will the change affect you? It really depends on your use of Google. If you relied on getting the results automatically populated below your search options on a computer then you will miss it. If you rarely (if ever) used that option then you may not even notice that it is gone. Either way it is no longer an option you will see, or be able to use unless Google decides to bring it back in a revised format. Stranger things have happened though so do not be surprised if they choose to offer it again, particularly if they can increase their advertising income.