Home Security

Years ago home security was fulfilled by having a dog and a weapon. Then along came alarm systems, monitored alarm systems, and the progression continues. Many people have heard of Ring Video Doorbell systems even if they do not have them installed. Now Ring and others like them are introducing even more product offerings. A company named Maximus Lighting is releasing a dual camera video doorbell that projects to provide a wider area of view due to the two cameras and their placement. This option should help better identify anything coming, or going near the door of a home where it is installed.

Besides regular alarms and doorbell cameras, there are many other types of security cameras and equipment available. Smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home now interface with certain existing security systems and offer the homeowner enhanced options to control and monitor their home. Ultimately, each homeowner should review options available and evaluate costs (including equipment purchase, installation, monthly monitoring {if applicable} and repair charges). The homeowner should also consider their risk tolerance and neighborhood. Another benefit of a monitored security system is that many insurance companies offer a discount on the yearly premium. Some people do not have an interest, or necessarily a need, for a security system.  For those who do need a good security system, the system they install can provide protection and peace of mind at the same time.