Folding Screen Phones

Galaxy Fold Phone

Are you ready for the next wave of phone innovation? Folding screen phones will be released by more manufacturers this year. What is a folding screen phone? It is just like it sounds, and it is a phone that has a screen that will fold and unfold as you need to use it. The main benefit of the design is that the larger screen will provide you with more workspace, but also provide the portability of a smaller phone when folded. Another benefit of the foldable phone is that you can work on two different applications at the same time instead of having to close and open applications.

Some negatives are that the weight of a folding screen phone will be more than a traditional phone. Another negative is that most major manufacturers will charge more for these phones. The Samsung Galaxy 10 Fold Phone is projected to cost $1,300 when released. The potential for issues is increased with a foldable phone because of the regular bending of the device. If these phones do not have 5G capabilities, many purchasers will be unhappy when the 5G versions arrive if they have bought the version without the 5G.

The choice is yours though. If you really want to have a new foldable phone, they will be widely available for purchase this year. Make sure you have the cost in your budget though and then go select the best one for you.