Delivery Drones are Coming.


Drones are becoming more commonplace as the prices have come down, and their acceptance rate has gone up. Although there are some concerns with drones related to privacy and safety, enough research has been completed that drones controlled by the Wing company are now officially permitted to start delivering items in a couple of areas in Virginia. One thing that is allowing them to do this is that they are being licensed by the FAA like a small commercial aircraft as opposed to the FAA drone regulations. That FAA aircraft regulation allows them to be operated with more flexibility than what would be allowed through the traditional regulations.

As long as drones prove to be reliable and successful, operators who obtain approval from the FAA should be able to expand their delivery flights to other areas of the country. Where drone commercial delivery service may be particularly useful is in hard to reach and remote areas. If a package can be delivered by a drone rather than having a person deliver the item it may be safer for the sender and the recipient. No matter how the most recent approvalĀ  works out (and there will probably be some growing pains) drone delivery may be in our neighborhoods before we know it whether we are for it, or against it.