Biometric Authentication

Biometric Eye

Biometric authentication is here. Something that seemed to be a fantasy a few years back is now regularly being used in consumer devices such as mobile phones. Is this a good thing? Well it depends. For a convenience and security factor unlocking your phone with your finger or face provides better security than simple pass codes, but in the wrong situation it could be bad. Recently there was a gruesome story about police using a dead man’s finger to try to unlock his phone. So security does come at a cost sometimes.

Speaking of security, what about the facial recognition software in use today in places like an airport? It can be great to keep a look out for people with ill intent, but in the wrong hands it can be misapplied. There was another recent report of Chinese authorities seizing a man they were looking for using biometric technology. They found the man at a concert through the use of cameras scanning the crowd and looking for a match. The guy probably thought he was safe in the big crowd.

There are some great uses for the technology such as time and attendance systems, building security, authentication, etc. Put to good use biometric technology can make life easier and more secure. We will see more of this technology used as it becomes improved, the cost goes down and the general populace accepts it.