Automatically Fold Your Clothes


Do the piles of laundry around your home bug you? Most people wash at least three loads per week, and some with larger families will wash many more. Once the automatic washer and dryer are finished with the loads of laundry, then it is time to fold the clothes manually and put them away. What if you could automatically fold the clothes instead of having to fold them manually? Well, if FoldiMate has its way, you soon will have its machine do the work. FoldiMate is expected to be available for purchase later this year.


So a machine like this will probably cost thousands of dollars right? Actually the unit is supposed to be less than $1000. Is it worth it? If you dislike folding the loads of laundry every week, and wish you had someone else to do it, then your help may be FoldiMate. Recent testing shows the machine will fold jeans, shirts, towels, etc. saving you the trouble of this task. This machine may be the timesaving appliance you need in your home.