Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in Use

Crop Irrigation

The use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence in the world is increasing. Although the expanded use can be concerning in some cases, in others it can be beneficial in many different ways. One way that artificial intelligence is benefiting us is in the use of predications in agricultural watering systems. If one thinks about the amount of water required by farmers to irrigate crops it is staggering. Through the use of artificial intelligence, systems have been developed to optimize water use during irrigation. In time, systems will be available using artificial intelligence that will help homeowners and commercial property owners optimize their lawn and garden watering needs.

Have you ever tried to measure something only to realize you did not have a tape measure handy? If so this next use of technology will generally help you overcome the issue. If you have an I-Phone, or Android phone you can download a measure app that (within a small +/- window of variation) lets you measure an object. These apps use augmented reality to calculate the size. Because of the variance you would not want to cut a piece of wood to size, but it does provide a way to give a close measurement of an item (like a tree in your yard). So if you have not tried one of the apps on your phone, then you should consider installing it today for the next time you need a handy measurement.