AmazonBasics Microwave

Amazon Microwave

Have you ever put something in the microwave to cook and realize it needed something besides setting the microwave at two minutes and pressing start? Maybe the directions are to defrost at 50 percent and your dish is frozen before you start. Do you see the 50%, or half power button on the screen? Unless you have an unusual microwave you do not. So what if you did not have to figure out how to try (and sometimes fail) at programing the microwave? Easier can be better when applied to appliances.

Amazon is selling an inexpensive microwave that will take instructions from Alexa to operate. According to Amazon they are not trying to take over the appliance market, but wish to show how manufacturers can use new technology to improve their products. Putting food into the microwave and telling it to cook two baked potatoes, then having them cooked perfectly seems like a great idea. Now if you can tell the microwave through Alexa to cook at 50 percent for three minutes, then full power for two minutes which results in a great tasting finished dish that is perfection. Considering the future, if technology is used to improve the performance and efficiency of other appliances it will be a great thing.