5G is on the way


For the longest time we heard how 4G LTE would change everything and truthfully it did compared to previous mobile technologies. Do you think 5G will have the same impact? Very likely is a great answer. 5G (like its predecessors) is so much faster and can help with the proliferation of internet connected devices. In fact, just last month Verizon started selling its 5G home service in select markets aiming to take the place of traditional internet service.

Some of the biggest differences for 5G is speed and low latency. According to reports it can download a full high definition movie in seconds rather than about an hour. Latency refers to the time it takes to connect. So with low latency the connection is faster and with 5G the transfer once connected is much quicker. So before you invest in a new mobile device consider if it is 5G capable. Additionally, be on the lookout for new 5G service coming to your area that may be an upgrade to your home and / or business internet connection.