Spring Cleaning

Vacuum and Floor

Spring is in full swing and before the summer guests come to visit, it is time to consider cleaning up for them and yourself. Before you get started on the deep cleaning consider if you have items you never use stashed away in areas of the house like the attic, basement and other areas. If so, consider getting rid of those things to provide a less cluttered area (and some extra cash) through something like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, or letgo. If you have enough things to move out of your home, you may choose to have a yard sale. The good thing about a yard sale is that instead of having to either meet someone at a location different from where you usually are, or having to ship the item to the buyer, the prospective buyers will come to your house. In holding the yard sale know that many people like to negotiate and offer you a price much lower than what you may expect to take. Sometimes people may buy things to resale so they need the price to be low to make a profit on the resell. Others may want to buy something they need for much less than retail, or what they can afford based on their budget. Some neighborhoods host community wide sales so if you can time your sale to that date you will probably receive more prospective buyers. Another yard sale tip is that you do not have to put a physical price on everything. If someone is interested, they will inquire about the price.

Once you have gotten rid of your excess items either by selling them, or donating them (which is also another great option), you can continue with your cleaning. For those areas that have acted as holding places for the excess goods, you should have easy access to clean them up now that they are free of the items. Having a plan to clean your home instead of tackling it randomly is a great idea as well. Before you start, you can go around the house and list  things you need to clean in the areas you need to complete. Once you have conducted a survey of the house and put the plan together, then you can get started. You may also sort the cleaning tasks by order of importance.

Need to clean up a bathroom or kitchen area from germs? Those areas probably should be a priority to help protect your health. Do you have some items that are showing wear such as rugs or drapes? If so, consider replacing them. What about your beds? Are the mattresses providing the right support for you and any potential guests? If not then shop for new ones soon. If your towels and washcloths are worn it would be good to buy some new ones to use. Other areas of the home you should look at are your pantry, the laundry room, personal closets and library if you have one. Once you have cleaned them up, consider deep cleaning any carpet, polishing any floors and detailing any mirrors. Eventually you will complete your spring cleaning and have your house fresh and ready for your guests and you to enjoy.