Mini Refresh

Living Room

As we enter November and think about guests visiting, it may be the perfect time to do a mini spruce up to one or more rooms in your home. Do you have a room that looks tired and dated? What about worn in places? Consider where your guests will spend the most time and what can be done in the time you have before they arrive. A full remodel is not what you should think about because making sure everything gets completed before the holidays is impractical. What can you do then? Look at the overall image of the room. Are there too many things in the room making it look cluttered, or smaller than it should? If so, then remove and / or replace them. How does the paint look? Would a cleaning, or touch up in places make things look better? If so, that should be a relatively easy improvement.

Another thing to think about is the floor. Would a bright new throw rug set a strong statement for the room, or should you consider a lighter blend of colors to bring calm to the area? You can find rugs everywhere from furniture stores to the discount outlets depending on the quality and look you wish to achieve. If you do not want to use a rug would a deep cleaning and polishing invigorate the floor?

If couches and chairs are in the room you should consider adding, or replacing the throw pillows. A few well-placed pillows may enhance the look you wish to achieve. They also can be inviting for guests to use while they lounge at your home.

Adding new curtains and / or curtain rods can complement your efforts. Make sure the quality is there though if you are replacing them. Inexpensive does not have to mean cheap so take your time and pick the best value for your project.

Finally, looking at the lighting situation and replacing obsolete light fixtures for a new look can be fantastic. If your room is a little dark adding a few LED bulbs can really lighten it up. Dropping a lamp on a table can also encourage guests to relax and read using the light. Whatever you decide to do realize that since it is not a complete remodel more changes can easily take place if you so desire.