Lawn & Landscape in February

Dormant Lawn

With winter still in full force, working in your yard (or at least thinking about it) may seem like a questionable decision. However, even though most grass is dormant it will not be long until grass is growing as spring arrives. February is the right time to put pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn if you want to control weeds. One of the first decisions to make concerning herbicide is whether you should do it yourself, or pay someone else to do it? Before making the decision consider getting cost estimates for someone else to treat your lawn. Many companies offer prepay discounts for yearly programs. The cost for a company to provide service may be less than the price to do it yourself. Either way you know the investment will be worthwhile.

Something else you can do in the yard (weather permitting) is to prune dormant trees and shrubs as needed. Trimming them before the growing season is wise. It also is a great time to perform a landscape evaluation. Were you happy with the way your landscaping looked last year? What should you plan for this year? Is there anything dead that needs to be replaced? Are thereĀ  bare spots in the yard that need seeding, or sod? Do you need a new flower bed, or do you have enough? Will you use annuals, perennials, or a mix in theĀ  beds? Do you need any new tools? Planning before spring is a good practice that should help you obtain a great looking yard once your ideas are carried out.