Interior Painting


So it is hot outside, and you are looking for something productive to do. This would be a great time to start an interior painting project you have been putting off for several months. Just think, you can work in the cool while making your house look better at the same time. Before you dip the brush into the paint there are several things you need to do.

First, do you have any noticeable imperfections in the area you will be painting? If the area consists of drywall you need to make sure the surface is prepped properly. Are there any holes to be filled, areas to be sanded, etc.? If so you need to get that taken care of before you start. What about wallpaper? If you are going to remove it you need to realize it is a big task that takes extra time.

Second, since you know what your surface areas look like you should go to the store, consult with a professional and pick up the things you will need to get the job done. Now is the time you should pick out your paint color or wallpaper design if you are going to use that. If you plan to use the same paint color make sure you bring the paint code, or a large enough paint chip to try to match the fresh paint to it. You also need to buy things (if you do not have them already) like a ladder, paint brushes, painters tape, drop cloths, paint rollers, paint tray and anything else needed to do the job.

Third, you should also remove anything from the area that will obstruct your painting such as pictures and light switch covers. Also, any furniture that will be in the way should be moved.

Fourth, make sure you have drop cloths, or plastic to cover the areas you do not want to get paint on such as the floor. You can also use painters tape to cover baseboards and other areas you do not want to paint.

Fifth, once you have everything fixed, moved, covered and taped you are ready to start painting. Wait though…make sure you have on old clothes and shoes that you do not mind discarding if you get too much paint on them. Even though you are a careful painter, stray paint may still get on you and ruin a favorite shirt.

Sixth, open the lid and either poor the paint into the pan you wish to use a roller in, or dip the brush (if you are using a spray gun to paint you will have a little different process). Start with smooth even strokes. If you are using a roller some professionals suggest you paint in the pattern of a W. Either way you need to ensure you are putting on the right amount of paint for the project. Too little paint and you will have to repaint the area multiple times. Too much paint and you will start to see runs that will ruin the look of your new work. Take your time in painting so that you will provide the best look you can. If you are not comfortable painting the area you may want to start in a closet until you get the hang of it. If you start in a closet most people will not see any imperfections in your work.

Seventh, keep painting each section until you are finished. If you stop part of the way through and then restart later you may end up with an uneven look and have to repaint the area to make it look consistent. Once complete let the area dry, clean up and then come back to observe your work when it is completely dry. If you are satisfied with the completed results then congratulations! You can put up the drop cloths / plastic, remove the tape, replace the furniture, and reinstall covers and art. Finally, congratulate yourself on a job well done.