Home Exterior Freshen-Up

Pressure Washing

June is a great time to freshen up the exterior of your home. Most of your time outside in the yard this spring probably comprised working with grass, flower beds and trees. It is now time to look to see if the exterior of your home needs a thorough cleaning. First off, though if you have any shrubs or trees that are touching your home you should trim them back.

When looking at the outside of your home do you see streaks, dull paint, or mildew? If so, then consider hiring someone to pressure wash your home, or do it yourself. You may also consider pressure washing the sidewalk, driveway and deck at the same time for a broader based clean look. If after pressure washing the exterior of your home still needs improvement, then a fresh coat of paint, or other work may be required.

If you need to paint make sure you have the equipment (including safety equipment) and supplies to do the job right. The paint job will only be as good as the surface preparation is. So if you are painting over cracked paint, deteriorated wood, etc. then expect to repaint much sooner than normal Also, the right paint (and primer if needed) should be applied. If you are using paint that has been stored for a while it is wise to go to a store that sells paint and have it shaken up again, or purchase some new paint for your project.

Now would also be a great time to undertake a gutter cleaning project if your home has them. Dead leaves and debris collect in gutters and these items should be cleaned out to allow the free flow of water out of them. Sometimes gutter coverings may negate the need to clean them, but some gutter covers still get things trapped in them that block water and need cleaning.

Another thing to consider doing is to clean the outside of your windows. If you pressure washed the outside of your home it may not be necessary, but still inspect them. If the glass is streaked on the outside, then you may need to clean the streaks with something like a vinegar / water mixture. Once they are clean, you should move to the next step.

That step is to relax and enjoy your results. If you have a patio or deck, take time to rest on it and relish how good everything looks now that you are finished.