Flowers and Landscaping for Spring


This month is a great time to get out in the yard and work on a new look for the spring. If there are old leaves in the yard, it is time to get them out of there. Next, look for any sticks, rough looking mulch, or other debris and clean them up. Check trees for any limbs that appear ready to fall (cut them if they are) and then prepare to evaluate all areas for needed improvement.

It is now time for planning, purchasing, planting and spreading. For the planning, look at the areas that could use extra color, border, different mulch, etc. Once you have those places in mind, decide what you want to put into each area and head to the store to make your purchases. Do not forget about local nurseries who may have people specialized in helping with your selections and providing detailed advice.  You should also plan to select plants that will be hearty in the environment you place them.

Some ideas for annual flowers to plant are Pansies, Impatiens, Vincas and Begonias. If you are looking for ground cover, Lantanas are a great choice, and these plants also have the added benefit of being very attractive to butterflies. There are many other types of flowers (and shrubs) available for purchase, but these ideas are good starting points to freshen up your landscape. While you are purchasing flowers consider buying mulch, fertilizer, gloves and anything else you may need to help spruce up.

Once arriving back at home with your purchases then it is time to plant, spread and beautify your yard. You and your neighbors will be happy to see the new and improved look.