Finding and Financing Your Dream Home

Finding and financing your dream home takes work. It even takes more work when you try to do it alone. Consider some of the tips below to help you make informed decisions and choose the right team for your success.

The Right Realtor

You may think that you can randomly drive around and find a home that will meet your needs, but that will often take a lot of time and there could be issues you would never discover on your on. Good realtors know what the market is for properties and they also know how to put you in the best position to make a serious offer on the home. They also have the experience to help you complete the process successfully. When looking for a good realtor make sure to consider one who has experience in the general area you may want to live. Although using a realtor friend may save some cash if they live three hours away it will be more difficult for them to represent you throughout the whole process than if you are working with someone who is local.

The Right Loan Officer

You have a great credit score and a solid work history. Everyone will want to loan you money right? Not so fast there…many may want to loan you money, but what are the terms? Are they fair terms and is the interest rate reasonable? Has the loan officer done any residential deals recently, or are they specializing in commercial lending? Picking the best loan officer for you can result in a smoother process and a successful close. Good loan officers are in tune with regulations and know what it typically takes to get everything approved. They have connections with the people who will make your life easier and keep you from pitfalls.

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