Evaluate Your Landscape and Tools


As we enter the last full month of winter, and spring is around the corner it is a good time to evaluate your landscape and tools. This year the weather is predicted to be mild in February so starting a little work in your yard on the weekend should be easy to accomplish. How does your turf look? Are there bare spots you neglected to fill? Although it is not time to plant grass yet, you can see if you will need to add a pallet of sod, or if a little seeding will do and plan accordingly. Do the rose bushes need pruning? If so pruning them before the spring growing season starts makes sense. Evaluating the health of your flowers, shrubs and trees while raking up debris from the beds is also smart idea. Picking up dead limbs, sticks and other trash and discarding them is another good use of your time before March.

When thinking about tools, did you need some last year you did not have? What about tools that broke, or did not work as well as they should? Have you looked to see if there is anything new in the market that would be a perfect fit for you? Now is a good time to make a list of all the things you need, and those you may want. Once you have completed the list shop for the sales, or the best deals before you need to use them. Spring will be here soon and you need to be ready.