Daylight Savings Time Ends


It is the time of the year when most of us roll our clocks back one hour to Standard Time because most of us advanced them one hour in the spring for Daylight Savings Time. The official date and time to roll the clocks back this year is on Sunday November 5th at 2:00 A.M. Since it is in the fall of the year it is common to say that we will fall back when we move the clocks backwards. One benefit of the move is that we “gain” an extra hour to sleep on that weekend if we wish to use it for that purpose. Of course if one wishes to stay up, or wake up at 1:59 A.M. on the 5th to change their clock then they will probably not enjoy the full benefit of the extra rest.

On Thursday December 12th Winter Solstice will take place. This is the official start of winter and is the shortest day (fewest daylight hours) of the year. It takes place in our area as the earth is tilted as far away from the sun as possible before the earth begins a slow journey back towards the sun. So as we approach this day moving clocks to Standard Time will provide more daylight in the morning hours although it will be dark even earlier in the evening because of the time adjustment. One good practice surrounding the time change is to replace batteries in devices that use them so that at least twice per year items will have fresh batteries. For some devices batteries need to be changed much more frequently, but for others twice per year is a good interval. Regularly testing, or using devices that require batteries is a good practice plus buying and installing quality batteries should provide the benefit of a properly working device when you need it.