Clean Up Time

Messy Home Image

2019 is here, and it is time to clean up after the holidays. If you still have decorations that need storing, clutter that needs sorting and things that need straightening now is the time to do it. Last month the suggestion was made to get plastic totes for the decorations and label them. If you did that then putting up your decorations should be easier. If you did not now would be a good time to buy some.

Before putting your items in the storage area you should access the place to see if it needs cleaning or straightening. If it is an area you rarely enter, then determining if there are things you should get rid of since you are only storing them would be a good idea. Cleaning and straightening the area while it has less in it would be wise. How is the lighting in the storage area? If it is dim, it may be time to replace bulbs with brighter ones, or add lighting. Before you put things into the storage area think about ways you can optimize your use of the space and provide a safe way to get things in and out.

You should also go through the house and move items that you do not use, or that are taking up space with no real value into a central location. Once the unneeded items are all stationed in one area, you should plan to do one (or more) of the following four things: Trash the items that are worthless, Give away items to others you know who may see value in them, Donate items to charity and / or Sell items for profit. All of these options have merit and their place, but selling the items may bring the most profit. There are several places to sell unwanted items like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and eBay. If you  provide a buyer your item in person make sure you take appropriate safety precautions.

Since the main parts of your house are now free of decorations and clutter, it is time to get down to cleaning. Are there any areas that are problematic during regular cleaning? If so is there something you can do now such as replacing caulk, sealing doors, or replacing a rug that will help? Do any work now that will help reduce the time you regularly spend on cleaning. Once you have completed the work to overcome the trouble spots, then clean up as you normally would. When finished, you will have a better looking home to enjoy in 2019.