Planning the Big Vacation for Fall

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So August has slipped by, and you did not get that last vacation scheduled. Putting it off until next year may be tempting, but a quick September trip may be the perfect way to head into fall. Depending on your destination, the ability to vacation without the large summer crowds can be enticing. Before jumping into the car though you should plan out some of the details to make the trip less stressful and more fun for everyone involved. Some things to consider for your next big trip:

  • Has everyone who is going been asked about¬†where they would like to go?

Although you may think it does not matter since you are in charge it can definitely matter. You will probably get a lot less groans and complaining (crying even) if you try to get consensus from everyone.

  • Going to a familiar place

Sometimes this can be a great idea if everyone enjoys the location, and there is plenty to keep all involved occupied. You need to make sure that it does not become boring though so you should be willing to try new things and new routines to change things up a bit.

  • Taking a long road trip

Although this may not seem like your idea of a vacation it can have a positive lasting impact on your family if executed correctly. If you have young children with you it may make sense to break up the trip to be more manageable for them. If there is a certain area of the country you wish to visit then maybe taking a flight out to the area and then renting a  car to see the sights may be the best option.

  • Last minute trips

Although taking last minute trips may be exciting to some it can cause headaches for others. I remember as a young child my mom had planned for a trip to the mountains. In the driveway before leaving my dad asked where I wanted to go. Of course I said Disney. Have you ever worn sweaters in 85 degree heat? It was not as fun as it could have been. My long suffering mom did mention that she would not be up for any more last minute change of locations.

  • Accommodations & Food

Checking out reviews of your accommodations prior to booking can be a smart thing. Even though the property looks nice in the pictures it may have issues you would not be aware of unless you spoke with someone, or read a review. Where to eat is also a fun activity for many. Try to eat at restaurants you normally would not eat at so you can change up your routine. Outdoor dining can also be a fun activity.

So in summary, planning your trip should provide a more enjoyable vacation for everyone involved. It is time to get started now.