Museums to Visit


We have seen a lot of rain and dreary weather over the last month. If that trend continues through January it will be a great time to explore the indoors. Although staying at home may be welcome after the holidays, cabin fever can take over even the most relaxed family. So this month would be a great time to plan one or more trips to museums. If you rarely like museums you should really keep reading though as there are a variety of attractions you may not have thought about.

We will focus on the Birmingham area for this month, but we may look at other areas for museums to discuss in the future. When you say museum and Birmingham in the same sentence, then the Birmingham Museum of Art should definitely come to mind. With over 20,000 works of art, interactive exhibits, children focused areas, and a gift shop there is probably something for every lover of art to see. On top of that museum admission is free (except for the occasional special exhibit). If you want to see where Birmingham has come from to where it is today you can go down the street to the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum. There you will see exhibits depicting extreme struggles of the Civil Rights Era. From the founding of Birmingham through the tragedy of innocent lives taken you can learn a lot while visiting.

A few blocks away from the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum is the Negro Southern League Museum. It is a facility that showcases African-American Baseball and history. If you enjoy learning about baseball, then you should definitely plan to visit. Some items present are 1,500 signed baseballs, Satchel Page’s uniform and a Bo Jackson display.

McWane Science Center is an interactive center with a focus on children. It has four floors of things to explore and planning several hours to see it all is a must. Young children particularly enjoy the exhibits that are touch friendly. Another great museum is the one at Vulcan Park. Attendees can learn a lot about the history of Birmingham and Vulcan. There are also different exhibitions that rotate through the museum. If the weather is a little better you can also take a ride up to the observation platform and see the city from the feet of Vulcan.

If you are interested in movement, some of the next museums may interest you. When you say speed you cannot help but think about Barbers Motorsports Park & Museum. The entire facility is in Birmingham near Leeds. With the largest private collection of motorcycles in the world the museum is one you should visit. The museum also has some pristine antique cars to look at. If you like something larger when it comes to speed then consider visiting the Southern Museum of Flight. This museum has planes and a lot of history you can read about from different eras of flight. Some examples are the Tuskegee Airmen Exhibit, Vietnam War Helicopters Exhibit and the Huff-Daland Crop Duster Exhibit.  If human movement is more your thing then plan to visit Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in Birmingham. This museum has multiple levels of exhibits honoring the best in Alabama sports. There are over 5,000 artifacts to be marveled at, and it is likely you may see something interesting, or at least one of your favorites.

Visiting all of these museums should keep you busy throughout Saturdays in the winter. Take time to enjoy what is around you that you may miss during your regular workday.