March Holidays

Family on the Beach

March is a time when spring officially arrives and the daylight hours get longer. Although not a true “holiday”, Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday March 11th . This moving forward of the clocks one hour on that day and lasting until November provides more opportunities for outside activities in the evening before it gets dark and chances to enjoy more daylight during the holidays. Although some people do not like the time change, most will enjoy long spring and summer days.

One of the fun holidays in March takes place on Saturday March 17th, and that is Saint Patrick’s Day. This holiday is known for celebrating the man who is the patron saint of Ireland. Some basic things to know is green is a great color for you to wear, eat and drink. If you are not wearing green that day you may earn yourself a pinch from someone as this is a tradition. You may also want to practice your Irish accent to impress your friends. You will probably talk to a lot of people whose last name begins with O’ (if only for the day). If you wish to stay local you can catch the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Birmingham for some fun. If you wish to travel you can see one of the parades taking place in cities like Huntsville, Mobile, Atlanta, Savannah and New Orleans. If you wish to go to the oldest parade in the United States head to Boston, and if you wish to see the biggest parade go to New York City. Whatever you decide to do remember Saint Patrick’s Day can be fun.

One of the other big “holidays” is Spring Break. This is a time where schools close for a week in March for a time of refreshment before the last session of the school year takes place. This year March 26-30 are the dates that have been selected for the time off in many school districts. For a lot of people Spring Break is synonymous with Beach Trip. As long as you choose the right beach you can be in for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. A mountain getaway is also something that can be fun as it will typically be warm during the day and cool at night. Most of the attractions will be open during the week at the beach, or the mountains as proprietors know to expect the biggest crowds they have seen all year ready to spend money and looking for entertainment. You may also choose to stay local and do some of the things in your area that you usually skip because of other obligations. Whatever you choose try to make Spring Break fun for you and your loved ones.