Keeping Halloween Safe and Fun for All Ages

October is here again which means it is time to get your pirates and princesses (and / or yourself) prepared for the fun of the Halloween season.  To ensure that nothing hinders your family’s enjoyment of this popular holiday, please consider taking a few precautions before you embark on your fun adventures.  Below are a few tips to keep you and your family safe.

  • Talk to your children

Many parents have concerns about Halloween, yet may not communicate with their children the dangers they may face, or how to handle certain situations should they arise.  Make sure your children are educated in the best safety procedures. If you have teenagers make sure they will be using a buddy system instead of going out alone.

  • Select costumes carefully

If door to door trick-or-treating is the plan then try to choose light colors and decorate costumes and candy bags with reflective tape. It is also a good idea to have glow sticks, or flashlights while walking at night.  Increased visibility will dramatically decrease chances of an accident.

Wear comfortable shoes, so that those long walks, or standing do not turn into an uncomfortable situation, and possibly lead to a premature ending to the fun.  If you have a small child you may want to utilize a wagon or stroller for the same reasons. If you are an adult and going to a Halloween party consider how your feet will feel after several hours of wearing the shoes you have picked.

Ensure costumes and clothing fit correctly. Preventing trips and falls is essential to a fun time out.

If a mask is necessary for the chosen costume, consider using face paint instead of a mask. If you choose to use a mask ensure that it is not oversized, or ill-fitting.

  • Be aware of your surroundings

When walking use sidewalks and crosswalks if available and keep your head up while keeping your electronics down. If you feel uncomfortable about a situation (not just the normal scariness of Halloween) then remove yourself to a safe place and instruct any children you are responsible for to do the same.

When driving travel slower and pay close attention to what is going on around you.  Activity and excitement surrounding Halloween and trick-or-treating may cause people to be distracted. Even though it is primarily their responsibility to be safe it is also your responsibility to keep yourself safe and not have any issues because of them.

  • Finally, use your best judgement!

If you have children you know them better than anyone else so use that knowledge to your advantage. If you are attending a Halloween event consider many factors such as location, transportation, other people attending, etc. and make sure you have plans with a friend on arriving, departing and communicating.

If you are interested in alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating, many places offer events open to the public such as trunk-or-treating, fall festivals, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and so much more. Check your local news sources for what is going on near you.  Above all, whatever avenue you choose for you and your loved ones, stay safe, and have fun!