Holiday Party

Christmas Party

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, the New Year, or some other notable event, December is a great time for a party. If you want a small party with a few family members or friends, having it at your home is a good option. If you wish to have more people involved, you should consider reserving a place to hold your event, or go somewhere that is big enough to accommodate your party while also serving others. Reserving a room at a restaurant, or hotel are two good options for out-of-home parties. To get started though you need to choose a date to have the party, and compile a list of people you will invite.


Once the list of people you wish to invite is complete, you will know how much room you need to entertain them. Next you need to set a start and end time for the party. Consider the day you are planning to have the party. If it is a normal weekday you will need to make allowance for people arriving after work. If it is a weekend, then you have more flexibility. Also, if the party is long you will need to make sure your guests have more than peanuts and cheese to eat.  Once you have those details confirmed you can invite guests.


Choosing the menu should be relatively easy if you have it at a restaurant. Having the party at home, or a place that requires food to be catered will take more work. If you prepare the food yourself consider looking through some recipes shared in this newsletter over the last year. There are several ideas of things you could prepare for your guests.


Once the menu is set, you will need to decide on entertainment. Will you provide live music, a DJ, or recorded music? If you are hiring musicians, or a DJ, you will need to move quickly and expect to spend more money than normal because it is the holiday season. Since it is the Christmas season maybe you want to have a carol sing, or Christmas karaoke option if your guest list includes some reasonably good singers.


Depending on your guests’ interests, you can choose some games to play. If you have access to a pool, or ping pong table you can divide up into teams and have a mini tournament. You can also play some older games like charades, dominoes, or card games. Introducing new games is a good idea as well. One game to consider is phone photo. How this game works is you set your phone to selfie mode. Then set a timer that will delay the phone taking a picture for a set amount of time (one or two minutes are good options). Start by holding the phone out like you are taking a selfie. Pass it to the next person, and they should do the same. Eventually someone will get their picture awkwardly taken. Keep the game going and review the images when done. Consider that good conversation can also make a party great without having games. So evaluate your attendees before determining what you will provide.


So now you have ideas on how to put together your holiday party. Get started soon, do not stress and enjoy yourself.