Football Time

When October rolls around in the U.S. virtually everyone knows the great tradition of football is in full swing. From Pop Warner Football through the NFL the topic is almost certain to be mentioned frequently in conversations. In Alabama, colleges have been playing football for over 100 years so it is a very established sport. Involvement in football (whether watching, or participating) often spans across the ages.

Is this involvement with football a good thing? It depends on the individual. Many friendships and business relationships have been forged through playing in, watching, or attending a game. Conversely, some people become so immersed in pulling for their favorite team that they become an unbearable person. Also, injuries incurred while playing football are common as are injuries in any physically engaging activity so that is something to be considered.

How should the majority approach football season?

  • As a player you should be prepared to spend vast amounts of time conditioning yourself and practicing for the game. Then you should be able to play your position in a game depending on your ability.
  • As a parent, or relative of a player you should plan to attend most (if not all) of the games of their team to support them.
  • As a fan there are several different ways to approach the game.
    • You can buy tickets and take someone with you to the game. Part of the fun of attending the game is the activities that take place before and after the game. You can plan to meet up with friends and tailgate which is a great way to build stronger and broader relationships while having great food and fun. Depending on the game you may be able to walk around and see the band practice, the football team arrive, and visit other notable areas of campus.
    • Watch the game on TV. You can choose to have a low key day and watch the game in your home, or you may want to have friends over to watch the game with you (don’t forget to provide snacks). You may also want to get with others and watch the game at a restaurant that is showing the game on TV. Going out to see the game is a great way to have the opportunity to meet others who like the game you are watching.

Fall, fun and football are synonymous to many people, and you should plan what is the best way for you to enjoy the season.