Family Time

Board Game

Winter is in full force, and staying inside where it is warm is a focus for many. Since evenings outside are impractical, and family time is essential, planning for fun is better than falling into old mundane habits. When is the last time you planned for an evening indoors with the family? Did you forget how much fun and challenging games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Uno can be? It is time to plan a game night with your family. If these types of games are not available, or fun for you what about teaming up for video games? There are many video games appropriate across multiple age ranges that can be challenging and fun.

If you enjoy something that requires more movement, then an evening of ping pong, foosball, or air hockey can provide a great way to bond. Slowing it down some may be more your style so a mini pool tournament, or even a night out at the bowling alley could be perfect. If playing games is not something your family likes to do then maybe watching someone else play may be a good idea. Attending a basketball, or hockey game may be just the ticket. Couple the event with an enjoyable dinner and have the family talking about the fun long after the evening is over.