Enjoying Night Activities in the Summertime


There are many things you can do at night, but some of the best are experienced during the summertime. If you live in the city consider going to a park outside the area, or into the countryside when there is a cloudless sky. You can bring chairs (or blankets), meet up with friends and look at the stars. You may also enjoy sitting around a fire (depending on the temperature) and talking about the past, sharing your dreams, or telling ghost stories.

Another thing you can do for fun at night in the summertime is go to a drive in theater. There are several of these types of theaters around, and (depending on the theater) you are not confined to your car to watch your chosen movie. Of course many communities are offering free movie nights at the park. Bringing your family to one of these can be a great way to enjoy a free movie while being outdoors.

Batter Up!!! Nighttime baseball games under the stars are a fun activity. Most teams have multiple nights to choose from, and the games can provide a great time for friends and family.

What about a nighttime pool party? Throw some burgers on the grill and invite your friends over for a dip in the pool. With some good tunes and a fun group a great time can be had by all.

A few other ideas to enjoy a summer night are to take a cruise in a boat, or sit on a dock by a lake. Enjoy dinner on the patio of a local restaurant, or go to an outdoor concert. Visit a main street that is having a special evening event such as a car cruise in, street festival, or other activity. Take a trip up to the top of Vulcan and view Birmingham’s progress. You could also keep it close to home and sit out on your deck while enjoying your surroundings.

As you can tell there are many fun things to do in the evening during the summer. Make sure you take advantage of them before things get busy in the fall.