Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration Image

December is a time of celebration for many. It often starts early in the month with holiday events, shopping and listening to Christmas music. As the month progresses more time is spent with friends and family while less emphasis is on work except for those who have retail jobs. As Christmas Day approaches children’s excitement grows seemingly by the hour as they ponder what Santa Claus will be bringing them for Christmas. Adults enjoy seeing the excited children and most people look forward to the fantastic meals that typically surround the holiday. Traditions are often revisited such as hanging of the green and decorating. For those who like to reminisce it is a time to think back to fun Christmas memories of the past and favorite toys they received, or special times they had.

So as Christmas approaches it is time to consider what will make you happy during the holiday, and also what will bring joy to others. Are there new traditions you should start, or old ones you should revive? It could be something very simple that over the long run will bring a smile to your face and joy to others. Is there a charity you can contribute time, or money to benefit others? What about taking a Me Day during the holidays where all you do is something special for yourself? Whatever you decide you should start planning now to celebrate Christmas and have the best holiday ever.