Put Your Grill to Good Use

Speaking of tailgating in the Football Time post, everyone knows that barbecuing is often a part of the tailgate experience. The easy thing to do is to pick up some chicken, hamburger meat, or franks to grill. Although those meats are typical (and good) for grilling, cooking something different can be fun. Using the recipe below you should be able to make a tasty treat that not only will please the beef eater, but also delight the bacon lover at your next event.

Bacon-Wrapped Beef Tournedos

Time: 20 minutes
Effort: Easy

4 Beef tournedos (surrounding fat & string removed)
4 tsp each: Grainy mustard & Dijon Mustard
4 strips of bacon
4 toothpicks


On each tournedo, spoon 1 tsp grainy mustard on one side and spread all over, then do the same on the other side with the Dijon mustard. Lay a tournedo (with mustard) over one strip of bacon, cross-wise and wrap the bacon over the top, close tightly with a toothpick. Set aside and turn on the BBQ to high. Repeat with the rest of the tournedos. Grill on high so that each side is quite crisp but the inside is pink. Approx. 5-6 minutes per side.

Recipe used with permission from Jump Into My Kitchen.