Holiday Soup

Soup Image

When trying new dishes sometimes soup does not make it anywhere near the top of the list of must cook foods. Particularly around the holidays, sweets and heavier foods such as ham and turkey are a focus. However, as the weather turns colder it is a good time to consider a soup to warm up your day.  A great way to bring in some holiday cheer is to use the recipe below for pumpkin soup.

Pumpkin and Leek Soup Au Gratin

Time: 40 minutes
Effort: Easy
Serves 4

1 small pumpkin (about 8″ in diameter), peeled, cored and cut into chunks
Water for steaming
1-2 cups water
1 leek, well washed and cut into thick slices
1 beef bouillon cube
Salt & pepper to taste
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1 tsp butter
8 1/2 inch slices of baguette, lightly toasted
1 cup grated Parmesan or Gruyere cheese

In a large saucepan with steamer basket, steam the pumpkin and leek until very tender. Place them into a food processor with 1/2 cup water and puree, adding another 1/2 cup water slowly. Return the puree to the saucepan and add the rest of the water (the consistency should be medium thick and you may need to adjust the amount of water accordingly). Add the bouillon cube, nutmeg and pepper to the mix and simmer on low. Adjust the salt to your liking. About 10 minutes before you are ready to serve turn on the oven to broil. Spoon the soup into oven ramekins or “cocottes” leaving about 1/2” free from the top. Place 2 slices of bread on each and sprinkle with cheese. Place in the oven until the cheese has melted and is lightly browned (about 5 minutes) then serve.

Recipe used with permission from Jump Into My Kitchen.