Year End Checkup and Plan for 2019


As we approach the end of 2018, it is time to look at your financial achievements and opportunities for improvement. If you paid off debt, increased your savings, reduced (or at least maintained) your monthly expenses, invested money and still had enjoyable experiences during the year then you should congratulate yourself on your performance. If you were successful in at least one of these aforementioned areas, then you should be happy to have your efforts pay off and consider how you can improve in the areas you did not achieve your plan.


In planning your finances for 2019 one thing to consider is did you create a budget during 2018 and stick to it? If you did not that is a great place to start. If you used a good budgeting process for 2018, then updating it for 2019 is wise. Before you spend any (or any more) money on presents this month check your financial picture. It would be sad if you have done well all year and then overspend in December. If you can save money this month by giving a lesser gift and not be a miser you should. If you have plenty of money (maybe you started a gift checking account) then make sure you choose wise gifts that will be a long-term benefit to the recipient.


Another idea for 2019 is to meet with a financial advisor to discuss ways to improve and continue to secure your future. A good financial advisor should provide opinions and options that will benefit you and your family. Asking a wise friend about how they have overcome certain financial issues may be a good choice as well. Determine that whatever you do you will set a goal and tie it in with action plans and measurable outcomes to make 2019 an even better year than 2018.