Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday


Tis the season of shopping. Some people dread it while others delight in it. Soon the speculation will turn to real knowledge of seasonal best deals. Shopping on Black Friday can be fun and provide big savings as long as you have knowledge, persistence and patience. Sometimes an exceptional amount of patience is needed to help with enjoyment in the day. Small Business Saturday immediately follows Black Friday and is a chance to shop and buy from small businesses whom often have a big impact on local communities. Small businesses participating in the day should have some great deals on unique items. Cyber Monday is the last official big named day of shopping during the season. This day is for online sales and some great deals can be sourced through a variety of outlets. So not only is thanksgiving here, but the season of shopping begins.

All of this shopping and buying can be fulfilling, particularly if great gifts are being purchased for others. There is a downside to the shopping holidays though and that is the debt filled new year. The draw of the deal can be overwhelming to the sensibility of the budget. Running up debt, or subtracting substantially from reserves to shop for unnecessary items can really have a negative affect far after the satisfaction of the savings is gone. So if you choose to pursue purchases during this buying season consider making a budget before the shopping spree and stick to it. Your wallet will thank you.